500 to 800: Your Guide to Understanding Credit (Book + Workbook)



About the Book

Keyona Henderson’s 500 to 800 is a lifeline to individuals wanting a better credit report and score. Keyona has helped many people manage to raise their credit score and this book explains how you can do the same. Having BAD credit can be very challenging!

It is time to end the shame that comes along with filling out applications. Discover hidden SECRETS on how to raise your score and prepare to learn about MYTHS surrounding credit.

This book is explained in basic terms that readers can understand. It is a guarantee that you will walk away with understanding more about credit, what factors impact your score, and how to raise your score.


About the Workbook

This workbook helps you to implement everything you have learned in the book. You will be able to write out your debts, collections, credit cards, and all things needed to build credit. As a bonus, this workbook features helpful hints and sample dispute letters to provide you a head start. Look at this as your game plan for success. Time to start organizing your credit report and getting your credit in the shape it needs to be!

All books will be shipped within 3 days of being ordered.

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