Keyona Henderson

Credit Specialist, Author, Financial Coach

This isn't just credit repair. It's FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT

WELCOME! No matter where you are in your financial journey, I’ve got multiple ways to help you finally deal with those money challenges and make your biggest goals a reality!

Let us help you sort out those money problems with credit services


Credit counseling services provide guidance and resources to help you solve your money problems. Team Keyona will evaluate your entire financial situation for a personalized plan.

Get private financial coaching with credit expert Keyona Henderson


Private, personalized coaching with Keyona! This is a 6 Month Program where you and Keyona dive deep into your financial situation, your goals and the steps to make them happen!

Get monthly financial education with Keyona's exclusive membership


A totally NEW format to educate yourself on credit, budgeting, taxes, becoming a homeowner and more! Members have a private community and monthly interactive classes with Keyona.

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Having BAD credit can be very challenging!

You can be repeatedly DENIED, REJECTED, and PENALIZED with high interest rates.

No one wants to pay extra or miss out on major opportunities just because of a bad credit score.


Your credit can work FOR you
Hundreds of happy clients who've achieved their financial goals with Keyona and her team

It’s time to stop ignoring those credit problems and start learning all you can.

We know this is easier said than done. You need someone who is going to stand by you in your credit restoration journey.

Keyona and her team are here to stand with you!

⇒ Read hundreds of Happy Client Reviews!

Hundreds of happy clients who've achieved their financial goals with Keyona and her team

Looking for a more self-guided approach?

We’ve got you taken care of!


500 to 800: Your Guide To Understanding Credit
The Inside Scoop On Building Business Credit
The Credit Book Bundle: Personal and Business Credit
Credit Expert and Financial Educator Keyona Henderson


Believe me; I’ve been through the challenges of bad credit and I know what it’s like.

I want to help as many people as possible empower themselves with financial education to avoid the pitfalls I experienced. 

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