Meet Keyona Henderson Credit Expert and Educator


Keyona Henderson

Credit Expert | Financial Educator | Bestselling Author


The Credit Expert Who Lifts YOU Up While You Build Your Credit!

My mission is to empower people to learn all there is to know about their credit and maintaining their increased score after we work together.

I care about your credit goals,

not the mistakes you’ve made.


Believe me, I’ve been there.

I don’t want you to have to endure what I what I went through with my credit.


The last argument I had with my mom,

I told her I couldn’t do it anymore.

I was a recent college graduate, no room of my own, sleeping in her bed.

Although I love her dearly two women together in such a tight space led to non stop disagreements.

I applied for my own apartment. When my reply letter came in the mail I was so excited I yelled

“I’m out of here!”

Only to read these words:

“You have been denied. Due to the items on your credit report…”


How could I not even move in an INCOME-BASED APARTMENT!?


is all I could manage to think.


Well, I’ll get a job and better my income, that’s my next move. I’ve gotta get a car first so I’m not limited to a job on the bus line. So, I get a ride to the dealership.

AGAIN; due to the items on your credit report, you have been DENIED.

“What? I’m a recent college grad, I did the right thing, why is this credit thing still stopping me?”

Somebody eventually told me to go get a credit card and that’ll help credit. Of course I listened and you guessed it?


I felt stuck.

I felt like I’d never get out of a hole.

I felt like I took all these steps forward just to come home and be a failure.

It was at that moment that I said enough is enough.

I’d love to tell you things immediately started looking up for me after that but they didn’t.

I had to start with a 29.99% interest car loan, I had to move wherever would take me, I had to get the job paying less.

I knew none of that was my final destination and that if I just kept going things would get better for me, so I didn’t care if I was laughed at, viewed as a college grad failure, or whatever.

I used every denial as motivation and decided I was no longer comfortable struggling so badly.

Keyona Henderson Credit Consultant and Financial Coach

Looking back at it, I’m glad it happened. I had to get in a bad situation to change my life around.

All of the denials for a car, credit card, and even insurance were worth it to make me change.

Through hard work I turned my entire life around.

  • That’s when I went from 500 to 800 credit score.

  • That’s when I went from no cars to multiple cars.

  • That’s when I went from no approvals to closing on a house I once dreamed about!

With an 800 credit score, I no longer worry about getting declined. In fact, it’s quite opposite. I get solicitations often.


Helping people navigate through their credit challenges to achieve all they want is such a rewarding feeling.

Everything I was denied for, I’ve taught thousands of people to fix.

I could sit here and tell you about all of my degrees, certifications and years of experience, but honestly you don’t need that. You need someone that is going to stand by you in your credit restoration journey.

Are You Ready To Make A Change?

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