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Bestselling Author, Financial Educator and Counsellor to HUNDREDS of happy clients!

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An educational and uplifting experience with the credit expert who will relate to your audience and instantly make everyone feel heard, hopeful, and supported. All while making intimidating subject matter easy to understand and actionable.

Keyona Henderson

Keyona has spoken at and facilitated numerous workshops and conferences at Fortune 500 companies, churches, non-profit organizations and the list goes on!

Her track record of success, passion for business, and ideals for empowerment will surely inspire your team.

Speaker and Financial Educator Keyona HendersonJust want to thank Keyona Henderson for the knowledge you bestowed upon me and everyone else. I am excited to embark on new beginnings in getting my credit back on track. Your information was insightful and I have never felt more EMPOWERED when it comes to demanding what is rightfully mine. Thank you!


Speaker and Financial Educator Keyona HendersonYour workshop was informative, easy to understand, and inspirational. This is your calling and your gift. Thanks for sharing and caring. Oh and my credit score has increased by 91 points since then.


Speaker and Financial Educator Keyona HendersonThe Workshop met each participant where they were. Keyona took on the roles of motivator & educator! During the workshop she connected with each person’s journey and walked with us. Essential information was covered, the atmosphere was full of positive energy, and each participant left FEARLESS! I highly recommend taking this class to literally everyone over the age of 15.


Speaking Topics

✔️ Credit Empowerment
✔️ Business Credit
✔️ Managing Debt
✔️ Financial Management
✔️ Overcoming Adversity
✔️ Personal Maintenance

Credit Expert and Financial Educator Keyona Henderson

ABOUT Keyona

Keyona Henderson is an author, speaker, and business leader with several years of experience in the area of finances and business credit. She is a walking example of applying the principals and getting a positive result. She has been helping clients improve thier relationship with money, so that it is not a limiting factor for opportunities and ventures.

“Helping others not endure what I went through and achieve all they want is such a rewarding feeling. This is not credit repair, this is credit empowerment. I believe in people learning all there is to know about their credit.”

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